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Ambani bomb scare: Sachin Waze met with Mansukh Hiran for 10 minutes on February 17, shows CCTV footage | India News


MUMBAI: The National Investigative Agency on Thursday seized two more luxury vehicles that were being used by the arrested police officer Sachin Waze as part of its investigation into the case of a Scorpio laden with explosives found parked near the residence of the industrial Mukesh Ambani on February 25.
One of the vehicles, a Prado, is registered to Vijaykumar Ganpat Bhosle, a Shiv Sena official from Ratnagiri, authorities said. The other vehicle is a Mercedes Benz.
Three days ago, the police had seized a Mercedes used by Waze. The state’s Anti-Terror Squad, which is investigating the murder of Thane businessman Mansukh Hiran, who had possession of the Scorpio, will seek custody of Waze during the hearing of his request for early bail in Thane’s session court on Friday.
Meanwhile, the NIA and ATS investigation based on CCTV footage revealed that on February 17, Hiran and Waze had a 10-minute conversation at the Mercedes near GPO in Fort. Hiran had traveled to South Mumbai in an Ola taxi, claiming that his Scorpio had developed a problem on Mulund-Airoli Road.

CCTV footage showed Waze leaving the Mumbai police headquarters, where his office was located, in his Mercedes. His vehicle was again seen outside the CSMT at the main traffic light. The signal was green, but the Mercedes didn’t move anymore and Waze had turned on the vehicle’s parking light.

Ambani bomb scare: Sachin Waze met with Mansukh Hiran for 10 minutes on February 17, shows CCTV footage | India News

NIA has recorded statements from former Waze CIU colleagues

The two cars seized by the NIA on Thursday were being used by Waze.
After a few seconds, the camera showed Hiran crossing the street and getting into the Mercedes. The cameras saw the Mercedes again in front of GPO, parked on the side of the road. It was parked there for more than 10 minutes, after which Hiran got off. The Mercedes was then seen entering the police headquarters.
The driver of the taxi Ola used by Hiran to travel to the CSMT told ATS officials that Hiran received five calls during the trip. Waze, who is believed to have made these calls, had asked Hiran to meet him outside the Roopam showroom in front of police headquarters, but during the last call, he changed the venue to CSMT, the officials said. sources. Investigative agencies have contacted L&T for the maintenance and preservation of these images.
The owner of the Mercedes seized on March 16, Suresh Bhavsar, has said that he sold the vehicle in February to an auto-trading site and had no ties to Waze.

The NIA also recorded statements Thursday from two staff members of the criminal intelligence unit (CIU) where Waze worked. So far, the NIA has recorded statements from nine members of the criminal branch staff.
On Thursday, a team of forensic experts visited the NIA’s South Mumbai office. It was learned that Waze’s Mercedes, seized on March 16 in a BMC parking lot near the JJ School of the Arts near Crawford Market, was parked on March 13 or 14 by the Waze driver. The NIA, after impounding the car, has issued a notice to the parking contractor, asking them to give their statement. The Mercedes, sources said, had been parked in this lot a couple of times. It was the driver who was parking the car.
There were reports that NIA obtained the key to the Scorpio that was parked outside the Ambani residence.

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