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India will soon deploy a specialized long-range missile tracking ship | India News


NEW DELHI: India will soon be able to deploy a specialized ocean surveillance ship capable of tracking nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles over long distances, as well as conducting critical hydrographic surveys in the Indian Ocean region.
The country-built 15,000-ton missile-range instrumentation vessel, to be commissioned as INS Dhruv in the coming months, is equipped with a wide range of long-range radars and other sensors to act as an alert system. early for hostile ballistic attacks. missiles.
Once radars aboard the ship detect those incoming missiles, ground-based ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems can take over to track and shoot them down.
The two-tier BMD system being developed by DRDO has AAD (advanced air defense) and PAD (Prithvi air defense) interceptor missiles to intercept enemy missiles in the 2,000 km class.
The 175-meter-long ocean patrol vessel, codenamed ‘VC 11184’ as part of a classified project, has been under construction at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd in Vizag from 2013-2014, as previously reported by TOI.
Once the advanced craft enters service later this year, India will join a handful of countries, including the United States, Russia, China and France, with the ability to monitor missile launches from long distances.
To be manned by personnel from the National Technical Research Organization, as well as the Navy and DRDO, the ship has undergone a series of tests over the last few years. The ship will also be used to monitor telemetry data from strategic missiles launched by India during tests.

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