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House of Representatives Panel Seeks Law to Give CBI More Power | India News


NEW DELHI: A parliamentary committee on Tuesday asked the government to assess the need to amend existing laws or introduce new legislation to clearly define the mandate of the IWC and give it more power.
The recommendation came after the Central Bureau of Investigation informed the panel that its investigations are hampered by the withdrawal of “general consent” from states, mainly those governed by opposition parties.
“CBI has informed the Committee with great concern that it cannot undertake the investigation of new cases without the general consent of the states concerned, especially, in cases of bank fraud / economic crimes and corruption involving central government employees, where there are allegations of misappropriation of a large amount of public money or mainly, the participation of officials of the central government or central UPM in the commission of criminal offenses, “said the panel in its report presented in Parliament.
The committee agrees with the IWC’s view that the withdrawal of states’ general consent precludes the investigation, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Complaints, Law and Justice said in its 106th report on Grants Lawsuits (2021- 22) of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Claims and Pensions.
“The Committee therefore recommends that the government evaluate whether it is necessary to amend existing laws or introduce a new law entirely to clearly define the mandate of the IWC and give it more powers,” he said.
Eight states (Mizoram, Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, Jharkhand and Punjab) have withdrawn general consent for the IWC to exercise its powers under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act of 1946.
According to Section 6 of the DSPE Act of 1946, the IWC needs the consent of the state government to exercise its powers and jurisdiction in any area of ​​the state.
Upon consent, the central government, through a notification under Section 5 of the DSPE Act, extends the powers and jurisdiction of the DSPE (CBI) members to the state to carry out the investigation.
The consent given is generally known by the terms general and specific consent.

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