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Gehlot adheres to ‘no tapped phone’ position, calls row a BJP plot | India News


JAIPUR: Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday cited his original response to a question about alleged wiretapping raised at the assembly last year in an attempt to combat a resurgence of a controversy that he said had been sparked by BJP just to interrupt the current session. His counterattack came on a day when BJP lawmaker Madan Dilawar was suspended from the House for a week for alleged misconduct when his party demanded a debate on the issue.
Gehlot claimed that disputes within the BJP were the reason behind the resurgence of a non-issue, even more so after he long contested the wiretapping charges and said on the record that “it is not the tradition of the state to tap MLA phones. and MPs illegally ”. He released a statement in which he categorically stated that “(the wiretapping) has never happened in Rajasthan.”
“This is a fight for domination within the ranks of the BJP,” Gehlot said in his Facebook reply. “The issue is being raised unnecessarily and is being done to upset the House.” The embers of the wiretapping debate were reignited with the state administration’s official response to an August 2020 question from BJP MLA Kalicharan Saraf at the assembly that belatedly appeared on the assembly portal. He claims that the telephone calls had been “intercepted” by the police “after obtaining the permission of the competent official”. This was done “in the interest of public safety or public order,” he says.
Since then, BJP has accused Gehlot of lying in the assembly about not tapping phones and has demanded an investigation from CBI. On BJP’s accusation that Congress resorted to wiretapping to save the Gehlot government from a revolt led by Sachin Pilot, the CM said: “BJP’s claims are not true. The secretary general or the secretary of the Interior, they all have to do their job legally. Surveillance is conducted in accordance with rules and regulations. “Gehlot said BJP had a responsibility to present definitive evidence about the tapped phones and why.” If these allegations are proven, I will leave politics, “he said.
In Tuesday’s assembly, the suspended MLA Dilawar allegedly yelled at independent lawmaker Sanyam Lodha, who had been speaking out on demands for grants for education, arts and culture, to demand a debate on the wiretapping episode.
After Lodha objected to Dilawar’s behavior, spokesperson CP Joshi warned the BJP MLA to back off. When Dilawar allegedly ignored it, Joshi asked the minister for parliamentary affairs, Shanti Dhariwal, to file a motion to suspend it. The motion to suspend Dilawar for seven days was passed by voice vote. When the assembly marshals removed the suspended member, the BJP MLAs formed a human chain around their colleague. A fight ensued, after which the President adjourned the House for 30 minutes. It was the fourth postponement of the day.
Joshi said he would allow a discussion and a government response if the opposition provided “details” on alleged wiretapping.

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