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Damage Control: Maharashtra CM Heeds NCP Call, Changes Head Mumbai Police | India News


MUMBAI: In a major damage control measure after the National Investigation Agency arrested Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Waze last week for his role in placing an explosives-laden vehicle in front of the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, CM Uddhav Thackeray transferred Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh on Wednesday as DG (Managing Director), House Guards, considered an insignificant position.
He was replaced by the acting director general of the state police, Hemant Nagrale (56), who took office on Wednesday night. In fact, CP Nagrale is superior to the new interim DGP, Rajneesh Seth, probably the first in the country.
NCP had insisted in two meetings this week with the CM that Singh be diverted immediately in the wake of the explosives case and the Mansukh Hiran assassination controversy, but some Sena leaders felt that instead of the MVA government “giving up” to opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis, the transfer and general reorganization must take place during routine police transfers in April-May. However, the opinion of the PNC prevailed.
A senior bureaucrat told TOI that Singh’s change had been delayed, resulting in Fadnavis “stealing the show” with his revelations in the state assembly case.

The bureaucrat said that it appeared that both the CM and the state Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh (of NCP) had not taken the disclosures as seriously as they should have, resulting in embarrassment not only for Thackeray but also for the head of NCP, Sharad Pawar, the architect of the MVA government.
Initially, Deshmukh, who has been blamed for inept handling of the situation, entrusted the investigation to the state Anti-Terror Squad led by Jaijeet Singh.
Later, after the body of Thane Mansukh Hiran’s businessman was found in a Thane stream, when Fadnavis made sensational disclosures about call data records belonging to Waze and Hiran, which showed the two were in contact, the NIA he stepped in and took over the probe for the explosives. case.
The Scorpio parked outside the Ambani residence had been in Hiran’s possession. The ATS is investigating Hiran’s murder, and Fadnavis has now demanded that the NIA take over that case as well, as the two cases were linked.
“Throughout the entire episode, overall, Deshmukh and the state Department of the Interior appeared to be in the dark, while Fadnavis had all the details of the case,” the bureaucrat said.
Nagrale said upon assuming the reins of the commissioner post that the Mumbai police were going through difficult times and had suffered reputational damage, but that he and the police force would work to restore the force’s reputation.
The state Department of the Interior had recommended Nagrale’s name as the new DGP instead of Subodh Jaiswal, who has assumed a central delegation assignment.
Nagrale, the group’s 1987 IPS officer, will retire on October 31, 2022. Anti-corruption CEO Rajneesh Seth was given an additional position as DGP, while Parambir Singh will be DG, local guards, instead of Sanjay Pande. which has been transferred to the Maharashtra State Security Corporation, which is also considered a secondary publication.
Nagrale’s name came up unexpectedly for the city police post. In the corridors of power, Rajneeth Seth or former Pune Police Commissioner K Venkatesham was believed to be Mumbai ‘s new police chief.

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