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Army committed to eradicating corruption | India News


NEW DELHI: The Army says it proactively turned over the case of bribery and irregularities in the selection of officers to the IWC to ensure that such corruption was eliminated within the force of 13 lakh.
The IWC has filed an FIR against 17 members of the military, including six lieutenant colonels, two majors and two cadets from the Officer Training Academy (Chennai), as well as six civilians for allegedly being involved in the scam at the Selection Board of Services (SSB) in Kapurthala in Punjab and elsewhere.
“Personnel who have acted against our ethics and reputation will be charged. The Army is committed to eliminating corruption within the organization, ”said a senior official.
The Army did “all the groundwork” on the case, which included listing the various defendants, before handing it over to the IWC. “The CBI was incorporated because there were some civilians and other entities involved, while the money trail also needed to be investigated and investigated,” the officer said.
The army chief, General MM Naravane, has stated several times that corruption within the force will not be tolerated or tolerated. “The swift arrests and handover of the investigation to CBI shows the determination to bring the case to its logical conclusion,” the officer said.
“The Army does not believe in dress-up cover-ups that will tarnish the organization’s image. We also want to send a message to the youth of the country that aspires to join the force so as not to fall prey to false promises from resellers and unscrupulous elements, “he added.

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