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‘Racism’ against Indian student at Oxford featured in RS | India News


NEW DELHI: The issue of “racism” against Indian student Rashmi Samant, who had to resign as president of the Oxford University Student Union due to criticism of her old social media posts, was strongly echoed in Rajya Sabha on Monday and MPs from all parties did so, prompting EAM S Jaishankar to say the matter would be addressed with the UK “with great sincerity when necessary”.
Jaishankar said that India, “like the land of Mahatma Gandhi”, could never look away from racism anywhere, “especially when it is in a country where we have such a large diaspora.”
We will always defend the fight against racism: EAM
Jaishankar said: “As a friend of the UK, we are also concerned about its impact on reputation,” he said, adding that India will closely monitor these developments and raise the issue when necessary. “We will always defend the fight against racism and other forms of intolerance.”
Samant, a native of Karnataka and a graduate student at Linacre College at Oxford University, had contested for the Oxford University Student Union election and won a landslide victory to become its first Indian president. However, he soon became the target of criticism and trolls due to some of his old social media posts, which were branded as “racist.” He eventually resigned from the student body.
Raising the issue during Zero Hour. On Monday, Ashwini Vaishnav, a member of the BJP, said that Samant’s treatment seemed to reflect the continuation of attitudes and prejudices in the colonial area. “She persevered and overcame all challenges to become the first Indian woman President of the Oxford Student Union. This diversity should not have been celebrated … instead, she was cyber-harassed to the point that she had to resign, ”he noted.
In Rajya Sabha, Vaishnav received strong support from MPs who crossed party lines. “The treatment of migrants and their segregation in the UK on racial grounds is well known around the world,” he said.
Help Indians Regain Jobs, India Says Gulf nations
Speaking in Parliament on developments related to the welfare of Indians abroad, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Monday that India is in contact with the Gulf and other countries to help renew the livelihoods of Indians left without work due to Covid-19.
“Especially in the Gulf, there has been a tremendous economic and social disturbance that has impacted them. We’ve smoothed it out a bit, but there are real challenges to address. Let me assure the House that we take this as a priority, ”he said in Lok Sabha.
“We are aware that there are compensation, reemployment and recycling problems that need solving. And these are today the core of our agenda with our partner governments ”, he added.

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