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NIA: Sachin Waze escorted SUV with explosives in his government vehicle | India News


MUMBAI: In a guilty plea seeking custody of suspended police officer Sachin Waze, the NIA alleged that he had used his own government vehicle to escort the explosives-laden Scorpio and that he himself drove the police vehicle to the ‘scene of the crime ‘on February 25.
NIA sources said it was Waze who was behind the wheel of the Innova that followed the Scorpio to a location near the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, where it was parked.
A police officer who was the official driver of the Innova told the NIA that after he finished his duty on February 24, he parked him inside police headquarters and drove home. It is still unclear who drove the car from there to Thane, where Waze resides. Authorities said the NIA suspects the Scorpio was driven by a police officer.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday night, the NIA seized a Waze-used Mercedes car and seized Rs 5 lakh worth of cash, a banknote counting machine, documents and beer bottles. The car had a false license plate, as was the case with the Scorpio and the Innova. The Mercedes is registered to one Manisha Bhavsar. Waze used it to travel to the police commissioner’s office, where he was stationed.
On Monday night, NIA officials conducted a search of the Criminal Intelligence Unit at the police headquarters and seized a CPU, the Waze i-pad and some documents. The sources said there are no records of the seizure of the digital video recorder taken from the Waze housing company on February 27 by API Riyazuddin Kazi.

NIA: Sachin Waze escorted SUV with explosives in his government vehicle | India News

The tape recorder contained images of the Scorpio parked there. NIA officials suspect that the image of a man in personal protective equipment getting out of the Innova and walking toward the explosives-laden vehicle is from Waze. Sources said Waze has not admitted its role in Hiran’s murder and more people are likely involved.
“The specific contributions compiled by the NIA had revealed the participation of the defendant Sachin Waze, who worked as an assistant inspector of police, branch of crime, in the conspiracy that led to the placing of the van loaded with explosives on Carmichael Road on February 25”, said the NIA pre-trial detention statement. The investigating agency said it had impounded the vehicle on Sunday.
Earlier this week, Waze was in NIA custody until March 25 in connection with the investigation into the recovery of explosives from the van that was found parked outside Antilia on February 25. The pre-trial detention statement said that after Waze was questioned on Saturday, his “direct involvement in the planting of the explosives-laden van had emerged … on the intervening night of February 24 and 25.” “There is sufficient prima facie evidence to demonstrate the participation of the accused in the conspiracy of a commission of the crime, “said the pre-trial detention statement.

The NIA pretrial detention statement said the three crimes – the murder of Mansukh Hiran, the laying of explosives and the theft of vehicles – were evidently related. The NIA also said that a threatening letter was posted on Telegram by the Jaish-ul-Hind terror group and a ransom demand was made claiming responsibility for the incident. He said that the person housed in Tihar jail who allegedly sent the message was detained by the special cell in Delhi along with the mobile instrument used. The NIA said custody of Waze was required to verify the evidence.
He also said that Waze’s criminal record should be recorded to clarify the current conspiracy and probable links, if any. The NIA alleged that the cases were being handled by four investigating officers so far, and Waze was the second. “There are discrepancies in the delivery of memoranda of taking, which must be clarified by the defendants,” the NIA said.

In calling the crimes felonies, the NIA said the angle of the conspiracy must be thoroughly investigated and the identity of the co-conspirators must be established through sustained investigations with Waze. “Being a police officer with a lot of resources and influence at his disposal, the agency needs time to connect the missing links,” said the pretrial detention statement.
The NIA said there are “reasonable and justifiable grounds” for police custody of Waze and for confronting him with his associates.

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