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If the need arises after the elections, we will support TMC to form a government in Bengal, says Congressman Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury | India News


NEW DELHI: While the Congress in Bengal is doing its best against the ruling Trinamool Congress, a senior party leader has said he can support Mamata Banerjee after the elections if the need arises.
“If a situation arises after the elections, we will support the TMC to form a government in West Bengal, this is my personal opinion. This is for philosophical reasons,” veteran congressional deputy Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury said on Tuesday.
“We don’t like TMC because of the behavior they gave to Congress. But TMC is not communal,” said congressional deputy Maldaha Dakshin.
However, the “personal opinion” of the congressman could potentially be embarrassing for the party that has linked itself to the left and is aggressively campaigning against the ruling Trinamool Congress.
Recently, when Mamata Banerjee was injured in Nandigram on the day she presented her nomination papers, Congressional Leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that “the prime minister was indulging in hypocrisy to gain sympathy.”
“This is ‘siyasi pakhand’ (hypocrisy) to win sympathy. Before the elections, she (Mamata Banerjee) planned this ‘nautanki’ after feeling difficulties in Nandigram,” Adhir Ranjan had said.
Abu Hasem Khan Choudhary also criticized the CPM for its alliance with the Indian Secular Front (ISF) led by Abbas Siddiqui.
“We did not join Abbas Siddiqui, the CPM ally of his party. I think they felt that maybe they would not get a single seat in the elections, so they forged an alliance with him,” he said.
“We forged an alliance with the left at first, then they went off and allied with Siddiqui. We told them we didn’t like him but they were afraid they might perform poorly in the elections. So they joined Abbas, if he can get them. eight or ten seats in the name of religion, “he added.
There have been divisions within Congress over the ISF presence in the alliance. Senior leader Anand Sharma had questioned the association with the ISF. His remarks had elicited strong reactions from Adhir Ranjan, who accused Sharma of aiding the “polarizing agenda of the BJP.”
No comment, says CPM leader
“The Samjukta Morcha of the Left-Congress-ISF has been formed at the state level after the green signal from Delhi. There is no doubt that we will fight together in this election. He is a high ranking leader, I don’t know what has said it. and he will not comment on it, “said CPM Malda District Secretary Ambar Mitra.
Unholy Alliance Exposed: BJP
The BJP, meanwhile, called it an “unholy” alliance, which will help the TMC form a government in the event of a hung assembly.
“We have been saying from the beginning that an unholy alliance has been forged in West Bengal and will help the TMC in the future. Choudhury’s comments make it clear that they will support the TMC in the event of a hung assembly,” said the district vice president of BJP. President Ajoy Ganguly said.
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