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ETPB Launches Baba Guru Nanak Scholarship for Young Sikhs and Hindus from Pakistan | India News


AMRITSAR: The Pakistan Evacuee Property Trust Board (ETPB) has started the ‘Baba Guru Nanak Scholarship’ to provide vocational training to Hindus and Sikh youth to help them become independent after ETPB signed a memorandum of understanding with the Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) on Monday.
While speaking to TOI after signing the Mou, ETPB President Aamer Ahamd said that PVTC will train 10 Sikh and Hindu youth in Nankana Sahib and Rahim Yar Khan districts and that the training will be provided at vocational training institutes. existing PVTC ”.
He said that while the PVTC would be responsible for providing vocational training to Sikh and Hindu youth, on the other hand, ETPB would take care of the fee and stipend, which is around 16 lakh Pakistani rupees for the 20 candidates.
Giving more details, ETPB secretary Faraz Abbas said that vocational training for young Sikhs and Hindus was aimed at the rehabilitation of disadvantaged segments of society. It reported that EPTB would pay Rs 6000 for PVTC monthly tuition and would give Rs 500 as a stipend to students for the one year course.
“Religious minorities are mostly poor and lack formal vocational training opportunities,” Faraz said, adding that there was a pressing need to extend formal training opportunities to young Sikhs and Hindus.
The MoU was signed by Aamer Ahmed and Major Shahnawaz Badar, President, PVTC, Informed Secretary, ETPB.
In particular, ETPB is a department of the Pakistani government established in 1960 with headquarters in Lahore to look after the properties of evacuees left behind by Sikhs and Hindus who had emigrated to India during the Indo Pak partition in 1947.
Furthermore, he reported that PVTC was an autonomous corporate body of the government of Pakistan and was working for the permanent rehabilitation of poor and disadvantaged youth by imparting demand-driven skills to them.

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