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14,000 “Sexual Assault Evidence Collection” Kits Shared with States | India News


NEW DELHI: As part of a series of measures to combat crimes against women through timely investigations, the Office of Police Investigation and Development So far it has shared nearly 14,000 subdivision-level sexual assault evidence collection kits across states, including more than 3,000 kits to training centers for guidance on their effective use.
It has now been decided that the BPR & D, under the Ministry of the Interior, will carry out a mapping exercise to establish the exact number of police stations that should receive these kits, purchased under the Nirbhaya Fund.
The Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Development, together with the MHA, is also working on a plan to integrate all existing women’s helplines through a centralized process to allow for faster and more standardized outreach and accountability, even if callers use different helpline numbers to ask for help.
Even the national helpline for children in distress “Childline -1098” is ready for a revamp with the ministry of women and children working on an integration model with the MHA to create a direct interface with the police for further action. fast on complaints related to violence. The MHA already has a missing child tracking and tracking system.
These plans to create a convergence framework for nutrition, health, safety, and all other concerns involving district-level administration, police, and grassroots child welfare authorities were discussed at a seminar chaired by the Minister of Development of Women and Children Smriti Irani on Monday.
The seminar focused on 112 aspirational districts and 100 districts with the highest crime rate according to NCRB data for 2019. The top five districts with the highest number of crimes against women and children according to NCRB include Mumbai: 10,159; Bangalore City: 4,974; Cyberabad: 4,059; Lucknow: 3390 and Indore: 3369.

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