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NCW Records Sharp Increase in Crimes Against Women During Lockdown: Parl Panel | India News


NEW DELHI: There was an increase in crimes against women during the Covid-19 lockdown with average monthly complaints received by the National Commission for Women (NCW) increasing from 1,411 per month during the January-March 2020 period to 2,165 per month during April-December 2020, according to data published by a parliamentary panel.
The standing committee on home affairs, chaired by Congressman Anand Sharma, in its report on ‘atrocities against women and children’ presented in Rajya Sabha on Monday, noted that the unprecedented rise in domestic violence and trafficking in women and children outbreak of Covid-19 was mainly due to the interruption of economic activities, work from home and the fact that the family spent more time at home during the blockades.
“Migrant workers and their children were trafficked and disappeared during the closures,” the committee observed as it sought measures in rural and urban employment guarantee schemes that focus especially on poor women, to ensure that cash transfers through DBT on your behalf to continue. along.
The panel added that a moratorium in rural areas on interest rates for self-help groups in repaying loans would also help because it is women who largely support their families. “Some of these measures would increase the participation of women in employment and also lead to a reduction in violence against them,” she said in her report presented at Rajya Sabha on Monday.
NCW received a total of 23,722 complaints last year, the highest being 7,715 under the title ‘right to live with dignity’, 5,297 under ‘protection of women against domestic violence’ and 3,788 under ‘harassment of married women / harassment of dowry’. Of the total 23,722 complaints, 19,489 were as of April, after the shutdown was announced. Up to 1,169 complaints of domestic violence were received between April 1 and June 31, 2020, coinciding with the total closure period.
The NGO Jagori received 478 complaints of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns (March 18 to June 29) of 2020. As presented by the NGO, the impact of the pandemic and the lockdowns on women and children, among Other things include an increase in unpaid care work during confinement, an increase in child marriage, an increase in violence and harassment in the home, the loss of jobs, especially in the informal sector, the lack of women’s access to sexual and reproductive health services, etc.

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