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Members of the parliamentary panel question the legality of the new rules for OTT and social media platforms | India News


NEW DELHI: Some members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology on Monday questioned the legality of new rules framed by the government to regulate OTT and social media platforms.
By tightening the rules governing social media and streaming companies, the Center last month announced Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Code of Ethics applicable to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, among others.
Senior officials from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology deposed on Monday before the parliamentary panel on “intermediate guidelines in the context of the review of the review of the operation of the Central Film Certification Board.” .
The panel is chaired by the leader of Congress, Shashi Tharoor.
Some members and the president asked officials a series of questions, such as whether these rules are in compliance with the legal framework, panel sources said.
MPs from different parties on the panel also questioned officials about why the regulatory mechanism consists only of bureaucrats and not representatives of civil society, the judiciary and professionals, they said.
According to the sources, the members also asked officials if they had consulted with interested parties before presenting these rules.
In briefing the panel members, government officials justified the need for such rules in changing times and also explained the rationale for them.
The new rules or guidelines require social media and streaming platforms to quickly remove contentious content, appoint claim redress officers, and assist in investigations.
Beyond streaming and messaging platforms, the new rules also establish a code for digital publishers of news and current affairs content, requiring them to disclose their ownership and other information.
The Union Minister for Communications and IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad, had said that the guidelines for intermediaries and the code of ethics for digital media are designed to curb the misuse of social media platforms, as well as social media services. transmission, and disclose to the first creator of the malicious information and delete, within 24 hours. , content that shows nudity or transformed images of women.

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