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Have you ever felt the pain of the murdered mothers of BJP supporters? Shah asks Didi | India News


BANKURA / JHARGRAM: Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on Monday broke his silence on the March 10 incident in Nandigram in which Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee was injured, and said that the Electoral Commission in its report he had maintained that it was not an attack.
“Didi (Mamata) had a leg injury. Trinamool says it was an attack. EC says it was not an attack, it was an accident. God knows who is right. Didi, you’re hurt from the injury. Have you ever felt the pain of mothers who lost their children to TMC’s political violence? ”Shah said at a public meeting held in Ranibandh de Bankura.
“Didi, you are moving around in a wheelchair. I would pray to God wishing your speedy recovery. But I would have been happy if you felt for the mothers, sisters and widows of the 130 BJP activists killed in your regime, ”added Sha.

Mamata’s leg injury was also featured in Shah’s virtual speech on Jhargram on Monday. “My helicopter developed an issue, but I will not call it a conspiracy,” he told the Kharagpur Jhargram meeting, investigating Trinamool’s “conspiracy” theory of the Nandigram incident.
Shah walked out of the Jhargram rally, the first stop on his visit to Bengal, prompting Trinamool to claim that the “downside” was actually a case of low turnout. Trinamool kept uploading photos of the slim crowd on Jhargram.
Later, Shah in his tweet, along with a picture of the crowd, wrote: “I apologize to the folks at Jhargram for not being able to address the rally in person due to a technical problem on my helicopter. But I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for attending in such large numbers. Let Jhargram be the harbinger of change and usher in Ashol Poriborton. ”
The interior minister’s helicopter was scheduled to arrive at the Jhargram Rajbari heliport at 10:45 am. Consequently, BJP’s Jhargram candidate Sukhamoy Satpathi arrived at the rally site at Jamda Circus Maidan, where SP Indira Mukherjee was on duty. Satpathi began announcing that BJP supporters were being “prevented” from entering the field under the guise of “security check.”
The BJP leader then ran to the checkpoint, where party supporters had a discussion with the police on duty. “Our supporters who come in vehicles have been detained 5 km from the rally site,” said BJP Bengal leader Tushar Mukherjee.

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