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Don’t let your guard down, Covid-19 is still a big threat: Rahul Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi said Monday that the Covid-19 virus remains a major threat and that people should follow all precautions and not lower their guard.
Last month he had accused the government of being extremely negligent and having too much confidence in fighting the coronavirus, saying it is not over yet.
“As previously warned, Covid-19 remains a huge threat. Please keep guards up, wear masks, and follow all precautions,” he said on Twitter.
He shared a graph showing that coronavirus cases have doubled in the past four weeks. The graph showed that weekly cases increased by 33 percent, the steepest increase since July last year.

India recorded 26,291 new COVID-19 cases, the highest in 85 days, bringing the total case count to, according to data from the Union Ministry of Health updated on Monday.

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