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Can Ayurveda Practitioners Perform Surgery? IMA Questions | India News


NEW DELHI: On Monday, the Supreme Court sought a response from the Central Council of Indian Medicine on a petition filed by the Indian Medical Association challenging a recent decision by the former allowing Ayurveda practitioners to carry out certain surgical procedures calling the decision one that would wreak havoc on the health of millions.
Lead defender Maninder Singh did not have to go to great lengths to convince a bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian to issue a notice to the CCIM.
However, when he requested a suspension of the operation of the CCIM’s 2020 amendment to the rules that allow Indian doctors to perform surgeries, Attorney General Tushar Mehta intervened, saying that the government has substantial reasons to uphold the CCIM rules.
Mehta said the IMA has “exaggerated” its concern and that what has been said to be provided for now by CCIM has been around since 2016.
Appearing on the Ayurveda Practitioners Association, advocate VK Biju said that Ayurveda practitioners have been performing surgeries since 2000 as it is part of Ashtanga Ayurveda, which the world knows performed surgeries centuries ago. Biju said that IMA is trying to disparage Ayurveda and the Indian medical system and showed their lack of knowledge about the history of Ayurveda.
But, IMA was scathing in its attack on the CCIM and said that it transgressed the Modern Medicine system by impermissibly prescribing certain practices / activities, which are purely modern surgical procedures that form an integral / inseparable part of the Modern Medicine system, as part of the plan. of studies. and practice of Indian Medicine.
“If CCIM regulations allowing surgery by Ayruveda practitioners were allowed to be enforced, it would create chaos in the established system of medical care and treatment,” Singh said, adding that in the past, the SC and HC had intervened decisively to quell the attempts. by CCIM to transgress the domain of Modern Medicine.
“While the above cases have mainly concerned the transgression of Modern Medicine by trying to allow the prescription of allopathic medicine by practitioners of the Indian System of Medicine, the contested Regulations present an extremely dangerous and critical situation where now, the attempt has been made by the CCIM to enable individuals who possess qualifications under the Indian system of medicine to perform complicated modern surgical procedures that have a direct bearing on the health and right to life of millions of hapless patients “, IMA said.
He said that modern surgical procedures have evolved after decades of research and study under the Modern Medicine system. “The CCIM does not have the power or jurisdiction to prescribe these modern surgical procedures to be performed by people with postgraduate degrees in Ayurveda, which are limited to the Indian medical system. In the prevailing situation and background, there is no permissibility whatsoever for CCIM to issue the challenged Regulation, “IMA said.
He said, “Surgery is not limited to the physical act of performing just the surgical process. It contains many facets. For example, there may be a number of complications that can arise during any modern surgical procedure – the patient may go into vasovagal shock, the patient You may have cardiac arrest, there may be internal bleeding or damage to any blood vessel or organ, etc. Individuals qualified to perform a modern surgical procedure should have the basic knowledge, education, and adequate training to treat any such complication that they arise during the whole process of surgery. All these processes are also part of the Modern Medicine system and not of Indian Medicine. ”

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