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Is Mukesh Ambani being used as a shield, asks Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut? India News


MUMBAI: Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has said that recent controversies, including the suicides of Puja Chavan and MP Mohan Delkar and the murder of businessman Mansukh Hiran followed by the arrest of police officer Sachin Waze, have affected the “ dignity ”of Maharashtra. Writing in the party’s spokesman, Saamna, under a headline that read: “Is anyone trying to use Ambani as a shield?”, He alluded to conspiracies against the state government.
Speaking to the media on Sunday, Raut also criticized the NIA’s action in taking over the investigation into Hiran’s death and the explosives-laden vehicle found near the Ambani residence. He said it amounted to demoralizing the Mumbai police and creating instability in Maharashtra. “They (the Mumbai police) are capable and professional. They cannot be pressured, ”he said. Defending Waze at the same time, the Rajya Sabha MP described him as an “honest, successful officer and a good investigator.”
However, some of Raut’s comments in Saamna’s article appeared to disagree with his defense of Waze. The hunger for “easy money” has lowered the standards of morality in the police department, he wrote. “It is no longer surprising that the police indulge in corruption, extortion and protection money. People have accepted the fact that this is how the police force works across the country. However, the nation will be in grave danger if the cops indulge in violence and try to make a goldmine in drug trafficking and rampant extortion … the police prepare a case and get some big names involved. and extort money, “said the piece.
Finding a suspicious vehicle parked near the Ambani residence is nearly impossible given the strict security offered to the tycoon, Raut observed, expressing doubts whether there was a deliberate breach of security at the Ambani residence to allow the car to be parked. in the vicinity.
Without elaborating, he said that a clique that does not belong to the police force but exercises controls over the Mumbai-Thane unit could have written the Hiran-Waze episode.
That the police and state administration should provide all information to the Opposition leader and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis during the recently concluded state assembly session does not bode well for the government, Raut said.
He praised Fadnavis for his speech on the state assembly floor last week, piecing together the story of Hiran’s assassination with factual details. However, Raut accused the BJP of putting pressure on the state administration in the matter. This demoralizes the police force, he said.
Saamna’s article is an indication of the turmoil and dismay within the Maha Vikas Aghadi regime over l’affaire Waze. Sena, at odds with the Center since Matoshree severed ties with BJP and partnered with the NCP and Congress to form MVA in the state, is struggling to contain the political fallout from the episode.
The case has taken a crucial turn with the arrest of Waze. Hiran’s body, reportedly in possession of the explosive-laden car found near the Ambani residence, was found in Mumbra Creek. Hiran’s wife has accused Waze of killing her husband. To a question about the sections under which Waze was charged, Raut said: “There is a difference between the charges that are brought and those that are proven.” He said: “The prestige of the state government is at stake in this case.”

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