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For Khwaja Yunus’ Aging Mother, Waze’s Arrest Is’ Poetic Justice ‘| India News


MUMBAI: For Asiya Begum, Sachin Waze’s arrest seems like “poetic justice.” Khwaja Yunus’ 73-year-old mother, a suspect in a bomb blast that went missing in 2003, has waited patiently for years for the tide to turn against the once-dating specialist.
Fighting for “justice after my son’s murder,” he said he never lived up to the “mighty Waze.” But his arrest showed that “there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”
“We ran from pillar to post to start the trial in my son’s murder case, but Waze is so powerful that it managed to delay the judicial process for so many years,” he said, hoping that Sunday’s events would lead to a review of the situation. . criminal case against Waze pending in Sewree trial court.
Yunus, who was working in Dubai, had come to India on November 28, 2002 to visit his family. He arrived in his hometown, Parbhani, on November 30. On December 2, an explosion occurred in Ghatkopar. According to his mother’s request, Yunus was arrested on December 25, taken to Mumbai and handed over to a police team in Powai the next day. Two others, Mohammed Abdul Mateen and Shaikh Zaheer, were also arrested. A fourth person named Muzammil was arrested, but later released.
His petition alleged that “during interrogation” Yunus and the others were “assaulted and tortured.” When he saw his son on December 27, he seemed weak. Police later said that he died trying to escape while being transferred to Aurangabad for further investigation.
She alleged that “to hide custody torture and … custody death,” Waze and three officers faked their escape and filed a “bogus case with Parner police” on January 7, 2003. They alleged that he fled “jumping”. He got out of the police jeep just before he was in an accident and fell into a gorge.
The Bombay High Court accepted his claim that the ‘escape’ FIR was false and on April 7, 2004 ordered that the testimony of Yunus’ co-defendant Abdul Mateen, who alleged torture in custody, be treated as an FIR by a murder case against Waze and others. The HC also ordered the Mumbai and state police chief to suspend Waze and three other people and launch an investigation against them. The state had gone to the SC to challenge the HC order. But the CS refused to intervene. Yunus’s body was never found.

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