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‘Will open mandi outside Parliament’: In Nandigram, Rakesh Tikait attacks the Center, BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: Peasant leader Rakesh Tikait launched the speech against the new farm laws on Saturday during his visit to West Bengal, bound for the polls, warning that Parliament in New Delhi will be the protesters’ “next target”.
Speaking to journalists in Nandigram, which is witnessing a high-decibel campaign for the upcoming elections, Tikait said that on the day Samyukt Kisan Morcha decides, farmers will set up a mandi right outside Parliament and sell their crops at the Minimum Price of Support (MSP).
“We have 3.5 lakh tractors and 25 lakh farmers, the next target will be to sell crops in Parliament,” Union leader Bharatiya Kisan said.
Tikait said that a new mandi will be opened outside Parliament and that all crops will be sold in the MSP and stated that no one can prevent tractors from entering the national capital.
“The prime minister (Modi) said that we can sell our crops anywhere outside mandis. Parliament’s mandi will be the most ideal with ‘traders’ inside the complex and farmers outside,” he said.
Tikait was in the state forced to vote to attend the Mahapanchayat organized by the protesting unions.
He was met at the airport by TMC MP Dola Sen and then addressed farmer meetings in Kolkata and Nandigram.
Earlier, while addressing supporters, Tikait alleged that the BJP-led government in the Center intends to break the backbone of farmers and their movement, Tikait said it is “anti-people”.
“Do not vote for the BJP. If you vote for power, you will cede your land to large corporations and industries and leave you landless. You will hand over the country to large industrial groups that will put their livelihoods at stake and in danger,” he said. .
Tikait, who called the BJP a “cheating party” that hides his sympathy for the rich, said: “We will be on the side of those who oppose the BJP, those who will support the farmers and the poor.”
Referring to Nandigram, he said that the land of farmers’ upheaval will give a new direction to the movement against farm laws.
On the current uproar of farmers in Delhi, he said that the protesters are ready to continue their agitation for a long period as their morale is high.
Tikait is also expected to visit Singur, one of the epicenters of the agitation against the acquisition of agricultural land in 2006-07.
(With inputs from PTI, ANI)

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