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Govt makes it easy for users to test drinking water | India News

NEW DELHI: Leveraging the technical capacity built for Covid-19 testing and surveillance, the national ‘Jal Jeevan Mission’ in partnership with ICMR on Saturday launched an online portal that will allow users to verify drinking water quality through of a network. of almost 2,000 laboratories.
The Water Quality Information Management System will ensure that any adverse test report is notified to state and central authorities to take action at the drinking water supply source.
The system will work in the same way that ICMR’s robust online portal for Covid-19 test monitoring works, with a clear data flow protocol where test labs provide results to the person requesting the test, the bases state and national data. Preliminary testing of drinking water at the village level will be carried out by trained workers using field equipment. The sample will be sent to the nearest laboratory for confirmatory testing, if necessary. According to one estimate, the tests will cost between Rs 180-600 for 12 identified parameters and will be borne by the village water and sanitation committee.

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