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Covid -ve Report Not Necessary For Kumbh, Says New Uttarakhand CM | India News

DEHRADUN: CM Tirath Singh Rawat in one of his first interviews after taking over as new CM from Uttarakhand, told TOI on Saturday that pilgrims would not need to bring the RTPCR Covid-19 test report while coming for Kumbh Mela, officially starting April 1 through April 30 in. Haridwar.
The Trivendra Singh Rawat state government had issued standard operating procedures that made the RT-PCR test report mandatory for pilgrims. The CM said it had made the decision to remove the requirement for Covid test reports as “there were doubts among the people planning to visit Haridwar for Kumbh and therefore it is imperative to remove all their apprehensions.”
He said: “Kumbh happens only after 12 years. We don’t want people to miss out on experiencing the festival. ” Rawat said it was also practically not possible to perform the RT-PCR test or verify negative reports, as thousands of people would come to Kumbh on a daily basis.
“All we want is the happiness of the saints, devotees, merchants and locals. We will ensure that Covid-19 standards are followed and that the required health infrastructure is available to Kumbh, ”he said. When asked if he had any indication that he would be awarded responsibility for the CM, Rawat said: “I had no idea. When members of the central party held a meeting in Dehradun, I went to attend like the others. I am grateful to the party leadership ”. He noted that education, tourism, infrastructure and health were his areas of focus.

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