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Congress only showed dreams of development in Assam; promises kept by Prime Minister Modi: Irani | India News


SIVASAGAR: Union Minister and BJP leader Smriti Zubin Irani said here on Saturday that the opposition Congress only showed dreams of development during his regime in Assam, but that promises were kept after the government of the NDA led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to power in the Center. .
Addressing her second rally on the day before the state assembly elections, the Union’s textile minister alleged that Congress “looted public money” and did not carry out development work in Assam during her rule in the state. .
“Congress had ruled Assam for years and showed dreams of development. However, development work began only when Narendra Modi became prime minister in 2014,” he said.
Irani, also the Minister of Women’s and Children’s Development, said the funds will continue to come from the Center, but will reach the people through the state treasury if there is a BJP government in the northeastern state.
“A congressional leader had said that only 10 paise reach the people for every rupee released by the Center. That means the leader also accepted that congressional workers and local activists looted public money,” he added.
The Union minister claimed that no one has dared to touch taxpayers’ money after Modi came to power in the Center.
Analyzing the “mismanagement” in the Congress party, Irani said: “Its leaders disagree. Two leaders of that party cannot make a decision and they allied with a team that is destroying the Assamese culture.
Irani said Congress could not even build toilets for poor people, but promises to build colleges and universities.
“There was a mistake last time, it shouldn’t happen this time,” he said, referring to the Congressional victory in the Sivasagar constituency in the 2016 Assembly elections.
Irani was in Sivasagar, due to vote on March 27, to campaign for the BJP candidate, Surabhi Rajkonwar.
Rajkonwar confronts jailed anti-CAA activist Akhil Gogoi and Congress leader Subhramitra Gogoi.

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