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VP Naidu calls for concerted efforts to eradicate poverty and corruption from India | India News


NEW DELHI: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu on Friday called for concerted efforts to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, corruption and other social ills such as gender discrimination as part of building an economically stronger India. He said it would be a true tribute to our freedom fighters.
In a Facebook post on the occasion of the launch of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, a 75-week festival to mark 75 years of India’s independence, the Vice President said that this was a watershed moment in our nation’s journey and an opportunity. to remember the legacy that he left us Mahatma Gandhi and countless other freedom fighters, according to a GDP statement.
He said that it is our solemn duty to remember and celebrate the extraordinary spirit of our freedom fighters, their supreme sacrifices and their noble ideals.
Referring to the ‘padyatra’ (walking march) that started earlier in the day from Sabarmati to Dandi for 25 days, following in the footsteps of ‘Bapu’ during the historic Salt March, Naidu said it is a fitting celebration of the India’s hard-won independence. and it marks a unique way of mapping the nation’s eventful journey since independence.
He said that the ‘padyatra’ symbolizes our commitment to draw inspiration from the past and work together to meet current and evolving challenges with determined devotion, courage and confidence.
Recalling the Dandi March, the vice president said he “electrified” the nation at the time with a simple but powerful symbol of salt. He said that Gandhi ji, with his unwavering commitment to non-violence and an iron will to take what is rightfully ours, showed the British and the world that India would not bow to force and repression.
Naidu also emphasized the need to educate young people about the lives of the country’s great heroes and how thousands of brave men and women from our “great nation” were on the front lines of the fight for freedom and helped India. to overthrow the “yoke of colonial rule.”
The Vice President recalled that as we enjoy the fruits of our independence, we must also understand that this vision of freedom is fully realized only when we achieve the goals and promises that we have set for ourselves in the Constitution.
Naidu warned that in order for India to become more prosperous and stronger, it is vitally important for people and particularly young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
“We must also go back to the roots of civilization, defend universal values, be aware of the environment and always live in harmony with nature. It is our duty to deliver a greener and healthier planet to future generations.”
Naidu also added that citizens must decide to be in the forefront to fight and thwart attempts by forces trying to divide people on superficial grounds.
He recalled how at the time of independence, many had speculated on the resistance of the integrity of India, with its vast area and diverse cultures. Saying that India has proven them completely wrong, Naidu said that India’s diversity and our common civilizational values ​​actually give strength to the unity of the nation.
He noted that we believe in the freedom of the individual and the peaceful coexistence of all communities, and we recognize the common ties that unite us all. “This ‘Bharatiyata’ is what holds us together,” he emphasized.
The Vice-President observed that in the future we must carry the same spirit and promise to forge a stronger and more prosperous India. He advised that we must ensure that all citizens have access to good education, health, employment and nutrition. “We must strive to become ‘atmanirbhar’ or self-reliant in all areas – that is the greatest tribute we can pay to our freedom fighters.”

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