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Work-life balance during the pandemic affected women more than men: Report | India News


MUMBAI: Most women found it much more difficult to manage both professional work home and personal responsibilities at the same time as their male counterparts, according to a report.
About 61% of women surveyed felt that work-life balance during the pandemic was much more challenging for women than men at home, job portal SCIKEY Market Network said in a report.
He added that the pandemic has been affecting more female employees due to the struggle to manage professional work from home and personal responsibilities at the same time and place. Eighty-five percent of women said it was challenging for them to work from home, while 81% believed it was difficult to draw a line between personal and professional life, she noted.
The report is based on a survey of 2,500 professional women in India in nine sectors, including IT and IT services, finance, healthcare, media and entertainment, human resources, and educational technology (edtech).
Furthermore, the report showed that during this hustle, 24% of women said they were able to find time for themselves amidst this chaos, 21% said they would like to work from home if given a choice in the future, while 48% felt that the option of the workplace should be an option.
About 61% of the women responded that they were in conflict between meeting the demands of the home and the demands of the family during the pandemic, she said.
When asked about organizational support during this challenging time, 36% of the women responded that their organizations were very cooperative during these times and 27% said they received no cooperation from their companies.
On the other hand, 21% of the women said that the WFH provided support to them in support of the organization and only 8% said that they were receiving support for hardware and the Internet.
The report also revealed that 65% of women expected flexible or reduced work hours as an incentive from their organizations, considering role juggling at home.
This difficult time has led to many mental health problems for employees around the world. Of all the women surveyed, only 12% said the company provided support to improve and nurture their mental well-being, while 6% said they were being provided health and wellness counseling at the time, the report noted.

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