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Mamata Banerjee’s Nandigram Injury Becomes A Long Row, BJP & TMC Business Charges | India News


NEW DELHI: The injury of West Bengal Chief Minister and Supreme Trinamool Congress (TMC) Mamata Banerjee in Wednesday’s injury incident is becoming a major controversy. Both TMC and its main rival, the BJP, are closing in on the Election Commission’s trade rates.
Following the incident in Nandigram, a TMC delegation met with Election Commission officials in Kolkata on Thursday and later claimed that “the Election Commission did nothing despite reports of a possible attack on Banerjee.”
Claiming that the attack was a “deep-seated conspiracy to take the life of the TMC supreme,” party leaders said anti-social elements have been mobilized from neighboring states by the BJP in Nandigram to unleash violence.
The EC cannot shirk responsibility as it is in charge of the law and order situation in West Bengal, which is at the polls, they said.
In addition, a TMC parliamentary delegation decided to meet with Election Commission officials in the national capital on Friday over concerns following the alleged attack on Mamata Banerjee, party sources said. Six TMC MPs from both Houses of Parliament are expected to arrive in Delhi to join the delegation, a source said.
The Trinamool congressional supreme was injured in the leg after allegedly being pushed by unidentified persons near a temple in the Reyapara area during a campaign in Nandigram on Wednesday, where the BJP pitted its protégé-turned-adversary Suvendu Adhikari against she.
Banerjee alleged that four or five men pushed her while trying to get into the car, after which she fell flat on her face.
However, this charge has been dismissed by the BJP. He has written a letter to the Election Commission demanding a detailed investigation into the incident.
In the letter written to the West Bengal electoral director on Thursday, BJP leaders expressed shock at the incident. Calling Mamata’s injury “unfortunate,” the letter reads: “We are surprised to see on television that the Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was injured while in the Nandigram constituency, where she alleged that some people pushed her .:
The letter said that it was a very serious accusation that affected the security of the CM. They said that BJP leaders expressed concern and said how such an incident could have occurred, especially when the director of security and the additional director of security were present at the scene. “Police personnel in Nandigram today number in the thousands, which makes the gap even more alarming,” he said.
The BJP leaders asked the EC to order a detailed investigation into the incident. They also demanded that the video footage be available in the public domain to clarify matters.
Meanwhile, TMC has asked the EC to take responsibility for Mamata’s “assassination attempt.” Criticizing the EC for allegedly not providing adequate security to Mamata, the ruling party said that the EC cannot shirk responsibility as it is in charge of the law and order situation in West Bengal, which borders the polls.
Claiming that the attack was a “deep-rooted conspiracy to take the life of the TMC supreme,” TMC leaders said anti-social elements have been mobilized from neighboring states by the BJP in Nandigram to unleash the violence.
Accusing the EC of acting “on the orders” of the BJP leaders, the TMC delegation, after meeting with EC officials here, alleged that the “Electoral Commission did nothing despite reports of a possible attack on Banerjee. ”
A BJP delegation also met with EC officials in Calcutta and demanded a full investigation of the incident in which Banerjee was injured in Nandigram the day before.
“The situation of law and order in Bengal was good. But, after the announcement of the elections, law and order became the responsibility of the EC. The EC removed the DGP from the state police, and to date next was attacked, “TMC Secretary General Partha Chatterjee said.
The Election Commission had on Tuesday ordered Virendra to be removed from office as Director General of the West Bengal Police, bound for the polls, with immediate effect and appointed P Nirajnayan in his place.
Stating that various comments from top BJP leaders had yielded sufficient indications that Banerjee might be targeted, Chatterjee said that “despite having those inputs, the prime minister was left without adequate security.”
“Who will take responsibility for the attack on Mamata Banerjee, when EC is in charge of the administration? EC has to take responsibility for the incident.
“They are acting on the orders of the BJP leaders. The BJP is asking the EC to remove an official and they are removing him,” he said.
The three-member TMC delegation led by Minister of State Partha Chatterjee met with EC officials, registered a complaint about the incident and demanded a full investigation.
He was accompanied by Rajya Sabha party leader Derek O’Brien and Minister of State Chandrima Bhattacharya.
“You have to understand the chronology. On March 9, EC eliminates the DGP, a BJP deputy published on social networks ‘you will see what will happen after 5 in the afternoon’, leaves less security to a woman in chief and then They attack her. If you check the posts of the BJP leaders on social media, there have been indications that she would be attacked, “O’Brien said.
He reportedly criticized the rival saffron party for claiming the incident was a well-written drama to garner votes of sympathy.
“Those responsible for this atrocious incident should be brought to the book. It was in bad taste that in 30 minutes, there were other types of statements that were very shameful.”
“We condemn those statements. Talk to the doctors and see for yourself what happened,” he said.
A delegation from the BJP also officials from the EC. After meeting with officials, the BJP leaders also demanded a full investigation of the incident.
“We want our prime minister to recover soon. She has claimed that few people pressured her. We demand that a full investigation be carried out into the incident, as EC’s reputation is at stake.”
“The video footage of the incident must be examined. We request that a detailed investigation be ordered,” BJP leader Sabyasachi Dutta told reporters after a meeting with EC.
Wednesday’s incident indicates that the law and order situation has completely collapsed in the state, he said.
A delegation of BJP leaders visited SSKM Hospital in Kolkata on Thursday, where Mamata Banerjee is receiving treatment.
Former Tripura and Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy and BJP state spokesman Samik Bhattacharya, who went to the state hospital, said they were unable to meet with the head of the Trinamool Congress for medical reasons.
“We convey our concern to the TMC leaders present, including Minister Arup Biswas, and wish the prime minister a speedy recovery,” Bhattacharya said.
According to doctors, Banerjee is currently in treatment at SSKM hospital in Kolkata with an injury to his left leg, waist, shoulder and neck.
The TMC supreme alleged Wednesday night that during her campaign in Nandigram, she was attacked by four or five men who pushed her, in addition to hitting her on her car door, leading to injuries.
Meanwhile, Mamata has called on her supporters to keep the peace and said she will return to the campaign even in a wheelchair.
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