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Adityanath government spends millions of rupees on advertisements to hide flaws and mislead people: Ajay Kumar Lallu | India News


LUCK: Uttar Pradesh Congress Speaker Ajay Kumar Lallu on Thursday accused the Yogi Adityanath government of spending millions of rupees on advertising and event management to hide its failures and mislead people.
“The Adityanath government works only with the help of public relations, billboards, branding and fake event management,” he said in a statement here.
“The government is constantly trying to mislead the public by spending millions of rupees of people’s hard-earned money on advertisements and events, while the situation in the state has gone from bad to worse,” Lallu said.
The BJP came to power using false propaganda and catchy slogans, but it neither lived up to the trust shown by the people nor did it keep its promises, the congressional leader said.
The government is committed to branding itself through slogans and large billboards to hide its flaws, Lallu said.
The UPCC chairman claimed that a recently posted tweet and video from the prime minister’s office official check on the recruitment of ‘lekhpals’ was a blatant and cruel joke on the state’s unemployed youth that would definitely give him an adequate response. in the Assembly polls.
The tweet was deleted when Congress exposed the reality, he claimed.
Lallu also pointed to the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party for their silence on the issue, and asked if they had reached an understanding with the BJP.
The BJP had promised to provide 70 lakhs of jobs in five years, but the chief minister himself admitted that the government has only given four lakhs of jobs so far, the head of the state Congress said.
Of the 24 different types of recruitment announced by the government, 22 are still pending, Lallu added.

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