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The civic police of West Bengal cannot carry out any tasks in uniform during the 72 hours before the elections: CE | India News


NEW DELHI: The Election Commission has ordered that people from the civic police or the green police or the student police in West Bengal, in addition to not being involved in any tasks related to the elections, will also not be able to perform any have to in uniform for 72 hours prior to voting, as well as on voting day and the day after.
In a letter written to the Electoral Director (CEO) of West Bengal on March 1, the EC stated: “No person from the civic police, the green police or the student police shall carry out any role related to elections. Furthermore, there is no It will allow you to perform any task in uniform P-3 days up to P + 1 day. ” The ‘P’ here stands for Election Day. This effectively means that the curbs will be in place for 5 consecutive days.
The letter asked the CEO to report to all interested stakeholders, including candidates, political parties for compliance, and information.
EC sources said that prohibiting civic police, green police or student police from any duty in uniform just before the elections, on Election Day, and the day after was intended to ensure that no confusion was created. or unnecessary fear in the minds of voters.
The civic police or the green police or the student police are made up of civic volunteers who are deployed in aid of the state police. Members of the civic police do not have statutory police powers such as arrest and search and simply help the state police to maintain order and control of traffic.
Some opposition parties in West Bengal had approached the EC seeking restraint on the involvement of civic / ecological / student police in election-related tasks, as they were seen as identified with the ruling party. EC had accepted this suggestion.
Now going one step further, EC has also asked them not to perform any duties in uniform for a period of five days starting 72 hours before Election Day and ending 24 hours after Election Day.

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