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Bridge over the Feni River to link Tripura with Bangladesh; Hasina calls it “historical” | India News


NEW DELHI: India and Bangladesh unveiled a bridge over the Feni River connecting Tripura to Bangladesh on Tuesday, even as a new World Bank study said transport connectivity between the two South Asian neighbors would increase national income by as much as a 17% in Bangladesh and 8%. In India.
Opening the bridge virtually, Prime Minister Modi said: “Agartala will become the closest city in the country to an international seaport.” Describing it as historic, Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina said: “The opening of any bridge is testament to Bangladesh’s continued commitment to support our neighbor India in strengthening connectivity in the region … the bridge too it will help Bangladesh’s trade with Nepal and Bhutan. ”
A World Bank report also found that better connectivity could lead to a 297% increase in Bangladesh’s exports to India and a 172% increase in India’s exports to Bangladesh.

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