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Bombay HC gives Center until April 28 to decide on non-commercial licensing of two patented TB drugs | India News


MUMBAI: On Wednesday, the Mumbai High Court asked the Center to rule by April 28 on a representation made last November on the compulsory non-commercial licensing of two patented “life-saving” anti-tuberculosis drugs, Bedaquiline and Delamanid.
The PIL, citing the India TB Report 2019, stated that Maharashtra had 2.27 lakh of people with TB reported in the public and private sector. The state was one of the five states that contributed the most to the total of cases, according to the PIL before the HC court of the Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Judge Girish Kulkarni.
The daily delay is costing billions of people infected with tuberculosis to suffer and die, said lead attorney Anand Grover with attorney Rahul Karmerkar who appeared for the NGO Jan Swasthya Abhiyan.
Meera Yadav, a Thane resident and TB survivor, presented a public interest litigator to highlight the rise in cases of rifampin-resistant TB or multidrug-resistant TB.
The PIL says that drug-resistant tuberculosis was already declared a national emergency in 2019 and that the drug Bedaquiline, which costs more than Rs 26,000 for a six-month course and Delamanid, priced at Rs 91,000, should be marketed, without Licensed or mandatorily manufactured non-commercial to save lives.
In the morning session, the HC asked Additional Attorney General Anil Singh to report before 4.30 pm how long it would take for the Center to decide on the representation made by Yadav.
Yadav said that in 2013 he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to undergo treatment. She added that due to the “stigma associated with tuberculosis”, she was “forced to leave her own home and separated from her son.”
In the end, after being told she would not live long, she regained health after combined treatment with two new DR-TB drugs, Bedaquiline and Delamanid.

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