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After spotting suspicious people Pathankot on high alert | India News


PATHANKOT: An alert was issued in Pathankot following multiple sightings of suspicious people on Tuesday.
According to sources, a group of suspicious people were seen at various locations in Pathankot, including near the village of Makimpur, asking for directions to the road and the lift of some vehicles. The town of Makimpur is located near the Pathankot Air Force Base.
Some residents of the village, who witnessed the attack on the Pathankot Air Force Base in 2015, became suspicious and reported to the police, after which the police launched a search operation in different locations.
Senior Police Superintendent Gulneet Singh Khurana confirmed that the police had received information about the sighting of two suspects requesting a lift. He said that the police had carried out a search operation and that all defense and police facilities had been put on alert.
Sources reported that naka had also been placed on Pathankot’s borders with Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh.
In the past, Pakistani terrorists had infiltrated India and launched a ‘fidayeen attack’ on Pathankot Air Force Base on December 30, 2015, six months later, on July 27, 2015, another group of militants from Pakistan broke into the Dinnagar police station. In both cases the terrorists were believed to have entered India through cracks in the international border with Pakistan.
Sources reported that the police had suspended the search operation for the night, which would resume on Wednesday morning.

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