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The left is a bundle of contradictions, there will never be a BJP CM in Kerala: PC Chacko | India News

Congress is optimistic about its chances in the next Kerala assembly elections and he hopes the past precedent of a changing of the guard every five years will not be skipped this time. The times of India Sreekumar Purayil Y Sanjeev singh spoke with the former deputy, minister of state and leader of Congress PC Chackoon a wide range of topics, from BJP making breakthroughs to how Rahul gandhiThe unwillingness to become president is letting the party down.
How do you assess the UDF’s chances of coming to power in Kerala?
We normally see a change of government in Kerala every five years. But more than this, the current government has come under severe criticism for many failures, especially on the issue of corruption. The LDF has some achievements to show in terms of development, but corruption is taking over. Lately, the prime minister’s office, the CM himself and some of his ministers have been linked to some explosive revelations. The government does not enjoy a clean image, which is a prerequisite for any government to return to power in Kerala.
What are the problems you are raising in your election campaign?
Not a single appointment has been made by the selection committee of the Public Selection Committee (PSC). Temporary employees are appointed who are cronies of the government or the ruling party. That has sparked anger among the PSC rank holders and the people. Thousands of people selected by the PSC are up in arms. The government faces criticism from different fronts. Furthermore, the CPM is a very dictatorial party. Even coalition partners feel the heat many times. The left front is a set of contradictions. When they are in opposition, they are opposed to all development work. But when they come to power, they become advocates for development. People do not believe they have a genuine interest in the development of the state.
How do you assess the chances of the BJP in Kerala in these elections?
They couldn’t open their account in 70 years. They narrowly won an assembly seat due to some failure of Congress in the last assembly election. They have to reach 71 one-member members to come to power in the 140-member assembly. It is impossible and people do not consider the BJP as a potential party that can rule the state. Only a small part of the Hindus support the BJP. They have only managed to get 14-15 percent of the vote, while they need 25-30 percent of the vote to come to power in Kerala. It is only when Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have come to power in Delhi that they spend money like water.
The main Hindu community in Kerala is the Ezhava community and SNDP is their organization. SNDP Yogam has always supported the Congress party, except for the current president. All the leaders of the Nair Service Society (NSS) like Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai were also leaders of the Congress. Our party is very aligned with Christian groups also because we are a secular party.
How do you see some Christian groups supporting the BJP during this election?
Roman Catholics are the majority among Christians, then come the Jacobites and Orthodox Christians, among others. In general, everyone is more comfortable with Congress than the CPM or the BJP. The saffron festival is trying to turn its favor by getting involved in a conflict. Two Christian groups fight. The Prime Minister called both groups, so they were both happy and went to meet him. The BJP is calculating that since the Prime Minister intervened, a faction will support them, but the fact is that Christians, Muslims or any other minority community in Kerala, believe that the BJP is against them.
What’s your take on the ‘Metro Man’ E Sreedharan joining BJP?
He is a secular man and I believe that he cannot be part of any communal organization. You may have gone there because of some temptation, but you will not feel comfortable there. I’m pretty sure of that. They are proposing him as the main BJP ministerial candidate, but there will never be a BJP prime minister in Kerala. So how can you be a chief ministerial candidate?
How do you reconcile the Congress fighting the left parties in Kerala and allying with them in Tamil Nadu and Bengal?
The country’s main political opponent is the BJP. So all the other political parties think that the practical solution is to unite under the leadership of Congress because it is our party that is fighting against the BJP at the national level. That is why these parties and Congress have come together in other states like Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. It so happens that the CPM and Congress are the main political parties, which makes them natural enemies of the state.
Congress does not have a full president. How does this affect the party?
We are disappointed that Congress is going from bad to worse. Our situation in many parts of the country is getting worse because we don’t have strong leadership. People are happy with Rahul Gandhi and he draws crowds wherever he goes and so is Priyanka Gandhi. But the point is that the president is president, and the party cannot be run through nominees. Congress is a president-oriented party. If Rahul does not assume the presidency of the party, it will be very regrettable for Congress.

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