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Set road score to signify NH safety, identify land for helicopter ambulance emergency landing: parliamentary standing committee | India News


NEW DELHI: A parliamentary standing committee recommended to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to develop a “road safety score” to quantify the safety of all NHs and only sections with an “excellent” score should be approved.
He also recommended the creation of a “Core Group on Safety and Security” that can identify parcels of land together with NH and train tracks for emergency landing of helicopter ambulances in case of road accidents or natural calamities such as the recent one in Uttarakhand.
The permanent parliamentary committee on transport, tourism and culture has made these recommendations in light of the high number of accidents and fatalities on India’s roads and, in particular, on national roads.
The panel recommended that the ministry prescribe a standard data format to be collected by concerned local authorities and the data obtained can be leveraged to obtain actionable information on the factors causing road accidents. He has said that the funds generated by paying penalties for traffic violations should be used to improve road safety across the country.
Considering the requirement for rapid transport of traffic accident victims to hospitals or trauma centers for medical care, the panel has suggested that the “Core Group on Safety and Security” should ensure the necessary coordination between NHAI, the road and rail transport ministries to identify sketches and pockets. of land, along with NH and railways to facilitate emergency landing of ambulance helicopters.
“Taking note of the glacier explosion in Uttarakhand that occurred on February 7, 2021, which caused the loss of precious lives, the committee underlines the urgent need to provide helicopter landing facilities in ecologically sensitive areas, in order to ensure effective disaster management. operations. For such facilitation, the Core Group should actively engage with the NDRF also regularly, ”the panel said in its report.
It has also emphasized the need for close monitoring of ecological changes using the latest available technology, in order to prevent such natural disasters. The panel suggested that the ministry exercise due caution, diligence and care, while executing the remaining stretches of the Char Dham Highway project and making sincere efforts to minimize its adverse impact, if any, on the environment and ecological balance.
The panel also suggested that the Ministry of Road Transport should prioritize the identification of black spots on highways and roads and take swift measures for their rectification.

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