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MX TakaTak influencer Khushi Punjaban talks about the #MyWowWoman Challenge appreciating women in all their avatars | India News


From the march for basic rights such as better pay, the right to vote and the demand for shorter working hours to the celebration of powerful women and their different avatars, International Women’s Day has evolved over the years.
MX TakaTak, the leading homegrown short-form video app, pays tribute to modern Indian woman and has launched the #MyWowWoman challenge, which pays tribute to the various roles a woman plays in her life, while trying to live your best life.
One such woman who seems to have broken all preconceived notions of society and lived her dream of fame even after marriage, documenting her pregnancy journey to upload videos as a young mother is digital influencer Khushi Punjaban.
Model, actress, wife and mother, Khushi Punjaban, also known as Khushi Choudhary, has been an iconic example of how society needs to appreciate the various avatars of a woman. She is not the one who runs away from her dreams, this woman has played each of her roles comfortably and has a person to thank: Kareena Kapoor Khan. The influencer says the actress helped her with the confidence that she can do it all! That is an inspiration worth having.
Speaking of this, Khushi Punjaban shares: “We are always told that a woman should be what society wants her to be, but I think she should be what she wants to be. We all know women who cannot study, who are not allowed to follow their dreams after marriage, but I am fortunate that I did not give up despite the obstacles that came my way. ”
I recently got married and had a baby. But, I am living my life to the fullest with all my dreams come true. And I really want to thank Kareena Kapoor Khan for setting a great example. She is excellent in everything she does and is completely composed about it. I was very inspired by that. Being an influencer on social media is an amazing way to show the world that a woman doesn’t necessarily have to take a hiatus in her life after marriage and being associated with MX TakaTak has only increased this belief. There is no weaker sex on this platform, we are all appreciated and treated equally. ”
This Women’s Day, join the #MyWowWoman Challenge as MX TakaTak, reinforcing the power of those who are in control or still trying to figure it out, but are living their lives to the fullest nonetheless. MX TakaTak greets you all!

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