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It wasn’t easy, but the first female locomotive pilot stayed on track | India News


When the Pushpak Express left the Mumbai CST on Monday for Lucknow on its 1,400 km journey, at the wheel was India’s first female locomotive pilot. It was attended by India’s youngest locomotive pilot and a crew of women, from air conditioning assistants to TTE, to mark International Women’s Day.
“Men fly Rafales, women crew members bring AI Boeings to the United States. There is also honor in what we do, ”said Surekha Yadav, 55, India’s first and oldest locomotive pilot. It hasn’t always been easy in the 32 years he’s been at it. “In fact, in the early days, women were not assigned sections of more than 30-40 km. That has changed now, although we practiced long before today’s long race. ”
Alongside her, Manjula Inamdar, 31, joined the conversation. “No job is menial. More women should accept this, ”she said.

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