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His Game Is Over: PM Modi Targets Didi At Mass Kolkata Rally | India News


CALCUTTA: Playing with Mamata Banerjee’s 2011 winning slogan of “paribartan (change)” while declaring that the “game” for her match was over, PM Narendra Modi on Sunday pitted BJP’s “development politics” against ” Trinamool’s model of corruption and violence “and urged Bengal voters to help him usher in” ashol paribartan (real change) “.
Addressing a massive rally at the brigade’s parade field here, Prime Minister Modi sought to turn around TMC’s “Khela hobe (Let’s Play)” challenge, reminding the crowd of all the “khel (games) – from the corruption to the tolabaazi (extortion) – which Trinamool played with Bengal for the last 10 years ”.
“You (Trinamool) are experienced players. What games have you not played? He has looted the poor of Bengal, looting even the cyclone aid sent by the Center. There is a level of corruption in the Olympic Games in Bengal, ”he said. “Lekin khela abhi bandh hona chahiye. Khela khatam, vikas shuru (But the games should end now. The end of these games will mean the beginning of development). The lotus is blooming in Bengal because of the mountain of garbage that Trinamool has created. ”

The prime minister, whose helicopter flew over the rally site in the heart of the city before landing, tried to establish a direct line with Bengal voters, emphasizing how the state could capitalize on this “dosti (friendship)” and make turning back the clock to “would lead the country again when India would celebrate the centenary of its independence in 2047.”
A BJP government would not only mean a party change, but would also result in a Bengal “where young people have education and jobs and are not forced to flee the state,” Modi said, adding that a “dual-engine government of the BJP both in the Center and in Bengal ”would usher in the growth of industry and commerce, investment and infrastructure of the 21st century. I was hoping for a state in which all sectors,“ from the Adivasis to the refugees “were equal partners in development.” A BJP government will mean appeasement to no one, “he said.
“So much has been taken from Bengal in the 75 years since India’s independence. We will give back all that has been taken,” promised Prime Minister Modi.

He said that five years of development with a BJP government in office could lay the foundation for the next 25 years of progress. “There is no reason why Calcutta cannot become the city of the future.”
Prime Minister Modi also tried to refute Trinamool’s accusation that BJP is an “outsider” in Bengal. “Trinamool was born from Congress, but BJP was born from the vision of Syama Prasad Mookerjee, who was from Bengal. Our traditions, our culture are rooted in the DNA of Bengal,” said the prime minister.
Modi also took aim at another Trinamool slogan – “Bangla nijer meyekei chay (Bengal wants his own daughter)” – casting CM Mamata as the unanimous choice of the state. “Bangla chay unnati, bangla chay shanti, bangla chay pragatishil bangla, bangla chay sound bangla (Bengal wants development, peace, a progressive environment …)” she said, asking why Mamata wanted to project herself as the only daughter of Bengal when she she was “the daughter of all India.”
“People chose you to be their older sister. But you were just being a nephew’s aunt. What about the dreams of the other Bengal nieces and nephews?” he asked Banerjee.
Modi also referred to the CM Bengal’s e-scooter protest against the increase in fuel prices and his decision to fight from Nandigram: “It is good that you did not fall that day; because, if you fell, you would have blamed the state where the e-Skateboard was made. Now you’ve changed direction from Bhowanipore to Nandigram. What will happen if your skateboard lands on Nandigram? ”
Working with the crowd and seemingly excited by the response, Modi said his roar on Sunday was a precursor to what would happen on May 2 (when the Bengal poll results will be announced). “Repeat with me: ar noy onyay (no more injustices), no more corruption, tolabaazi, money cuts, unions, unemployment, violence, appeasement, injustice,” he said.
Modi then asked, “Didi, have you heard Bengal’s voice?”
The prime minister also attacked the Congress-Left Front-Indian Secular Front alliance. “The Left Front used to say. ‘Congress-er kalo haath bhenge dao, guriye dao (Break the black hands of Congress).’ How have those hands suddenly become safe (white) after three decades? Now to them? “he asked.

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