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The puzzle that comes with a prize | India News

The joy of a newspaper takes various forms: for some, it is the element around which their morning rituals are built, while others quench their thirst for knowledge and stimulation through the pages of the newspaper. The TOI crossword has been a big part of the Sunday newspaper experience, no matter what category you fall into.
The crossword puzzle can be a way to test your intelligence. Or sometimes even a social activity on a quiet morning: “Can you think of a four-letter word for narrow? The second letter is me ”. For some families, it can even be a source of minor disputes, such as when you grab the paper to do the crossword puzzle and discover that someone else has already filled it out, with an all things pen.
Whether you solve your crossword at the dining room table or, let’s face it, on the toilet, it’s something you can rely on to challenge, stimulate, and sometimes frustrate you. Even the frustration seems to pay off when, voila! Hours later, when you are no longer even consciously thinking about the puzzle, the answer comes to you in a rush.
Starting on March 7, you can participate in the TOI crossword contest every Sunday as we invite our readers to join the circle of intelligence: those who love challenges and want to put their intellect to good use and # ThinkInside- TheBox. So every Sunday morning, all you have to do is solve the TOI puzzle and upload the image to the www.toicrossword.com with your data. Fifteen correct answers have a chance to win exciting electronic coupons worth Rs 9,999 every week. To learn more, log in to toicrossword.com.

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