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Six homes in remote Kishtwar are electrified for the first time | India News


JAMMU: Villagers in six remote homes in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district finally saw an incandescent light bulb in their homes seven decades after the country set out to chart its own destiny.
Remote homes, including Pethgam, Bungam, Chinab, Dindoo and Watsar in the Chatroo mountainous subdivision of Kishtwar, were electrified on Sunday by connecting them to the National Power Grid. Interestingly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on April 29, 2018 the electrification of 100 percent of the country’s more than 600,000 villages, the last being Leisang in Manipur.
Kishtwar Deputy Commissioner Ashok Sharma visited the villages and declared them formally electrified by lighting a light bulb amid the euphoria of the inhabitants. “The people of the six houses appreciated the efforts of the district administration to illuminate their lives after seven decades of waiting. Since I took office, I took the matter with the executor and resolved pending issues, in addition to closely monitoring the progress of the work on a day-to-day basis, providing all logistical support to the JPDCL team and the executors involved in the project. , ” he said.
Families from remote villages gathered on Sunday and celebrated the moment. “The children seemed as joyful as the elderly, who had been eagerly waiting to see their homes light up since work resumed about three months ago,” added the DC.

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