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Rahul Gandhi targets the government on the issue of price increases | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress launched an online campaign on Friday ‘Speak Against Price Increase’ with former party chief Rahul Gandhi accusing the central government of pushing people into the swamp of price increase just to earn taxes.
Congress, from its official Twitter account, urged people to participate in the online campaign by speaking out against the price increase.
“BJP = Burden the Janta, Party; the sooner we speak out against their loot, the better for the nation. Come join our movement. Come #SpeakUpAgainstPriceRise,” the party said.
In a Hindi tweet, Gandhi said: “The price increase is a curse. The central government is pushing people into the swamp of the price increase just to earn taxes.”
“Speak up against the destruction of the country,” he said, using the hashtag ‘SpeakUpAgainstPriceRise’.
He also tagged a video about rising prices for staples like oil, diesel, and cooking gas.
Congressional leader Shashi Tharoor also posted a video, speaking out against the price hike, saying that every step the Modi government has taken has been to empty the pockets of the common citizen to fill their coffers.
“India will no longer tolerate this. India will stand up, India #SpeakUpAgainstPriceRise,” he said.
Congress has been attacking the government for rising fuel and gas prices and has demanded that prices return to the level they existed at the time of the UPA government.

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