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Need to have an army prepared for the future: Bipin Rawat | India News


HYDERABAD: Defense Chief of Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat said on Thursday that India faces a complex and challenging security environment that makes it “necessary” to enhance military capabilities and address gaps.
“We need to have an army prepared for the future,” said the army chief.
General Bipin Rawat spoke at a national webinar organized by the Secunderabad College of Defense Administration (CDM), one of the main three-service institutions of the Armed Forces.
At the webinar, General Bipin Rawat said that the transformation of the Indian armed forces had become necessary to remain relevant in the “rapidly changing geopolitical environment”.
The army chief emphasized the importance of evolving doctrine, force structures, technology and livelihoods to create future-proof military personnel.
During the webinar, the speakers focused on the desired changes that are sought in the Armed Forces, through the promotion of articulation in training, staffing and procurement. The importance of restructuring the military commands into joint theater commands to achieve the desired level of articulation in operations was also highlighted. Various transformation models were discussed to derive key concepts applicable in the Indian context.
There were also discussions on a suggested model for Oceanic Theater Command (OTC).

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