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AAP again exposed on the question of agricultural laws: Punjab CM | India News


CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh lashed out at the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday for once again exposing its “true colors” on the issue of farm laws and farmers’ agitation leaving the House. before the resolution he was seeking, the repeal of the legislation was put to a vote.
In a statement issued here, the prime minister said that the party had never really cared about protecting farmers or their interests, and its leadership again proved to be an agent of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), with whom the national coordinator of the AAP and Delhi’s Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal were in cahoots against the agitated farmers.
Amarinder Singh, who previously in the House had shown members a copy of the Delhi official gazette notification implementing one of the three agricultural laws, reiterated that the party was misleading farmers with its false propaganda in support of it.
The fact is that they have repeatedly stabbed farmers in the back, and they have done so, he said, recalling previous AAP changes on the issue in Punjab as well.
In the previous House, members of the AAP had rushed into the pit before going on strike, claiming that the prime minister was a member of the high-powered committee set up by the Center on Agricultural Reforms and therefore part of the decision. on the farm. laws.
Despite the fact that the chief cinister himself made it clear that he was not present at any committee meeting, where his minister Manpreet Badal had attended one meeting while an official participated in another and Manpreet also stated categorically that the state government had no knowledge of the Ordinances, the AAP decided to create an uproar in the House on the issue.
Amarinder Singh later said that the AAP was clearly not interested in the truth, but wanted to continue its malicious program of spreading misinformation on the subject.
As Manpreet Singh pointed out in the House, the prime minister said that all the minutes of the committee meetings were available as the state government had placed them in the House.
Furthermore, in the two meetings held after Punjab was included in the committee after its letter to the Center, its government had categorically warned the Center not to change the minimum support price (MSP) in any way, he added.

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