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Showdown on Twitter: Indians Enraged After US Freedom Watch Downgraded India to “Partially Free” | India News


NEW DELHI. The annual report of the US-based think tank Freedom House on political rights and civil liberties reduced India’s status from “free” in 2019 to “partially free” in 2020. The think tank is a non-governmental organization funded by the United States government.

India’s score dropped from 71 to 67, with 100 being the freest country ranking, and its ranking dropped from 83 to 88 out of 211 countries.

India fared best among all its neighboring South Asian regions. China was categorized as “not free” with a score of 9 out of 100, a further drop of two points from 2019, when it had 11 points. Pakistan scored 37, down one from 38 last year. Bangladesh remained static at 39. The United States has also fallen from 94 (2010) to 83 (2020). Sweden, Finland and Norway scored 100 perfects.
The report angered many Indians. Some were angered by the biased nature of the report and the fact that it did not consider Jammu and Kashmir to be part of India. Others were angry because they felt that India was becoming “less free” under the current political administration.

India is much better off without the widespread cancellation culture in the US, UK, etc.

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‘Freedom House is not that free in itself’, ‘It is the propaganda arm of the US government.’

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India outperformed all of its neighbors and most Asian countries, including Turkey and Russia.

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