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Punjab third state to reach more than 1,000 counts per day | India News

NEW DELHI: Punjab became the first state, other than Maharashtra and Kerala, to record more than 1,000 new Covid-19 cases in nearly two months (54 days), when new infections in the state rose to 1,074 on Thursday.
While Maharashtra and Kerala have been posting daily cases in four digits for more than seven months, no other state had touched the 1,000 mark since January 9, when Chhattisgarh had recorded 1,014 new cases. Chhattisgarh had also recorded 6,451 infections on January 28, but more than 6,000 of those were pending cases.
Punjab has added 5,022 new cases to its Covid count in the last week, a growth of 65% in the previous seven days, recording the largest increase in infections outside of Maharashtra in the last three weeks since coronavirus cases began to rise. back in the country. Thursday’s count was the highest in the state on a single day since Oct. 3.
India recorded 16,820 new cases of the virus on Thursday, a slight drop from the previous day’s count of 17,432, but higher than the number recorded on the same day last week. As a result, the seven-day moving average of daily cases increased for the 18th consecutive day to 15,785.
Daily deaths rose to 113, after three days of tolling below 100. Maharashtra continued to account for more than half the national count with 60 deaths, followed by Punjab (15) and Kerala (14). Up to 19 states out of 36 had no recent deaths Thursday. The total number of victims in the country amounts to 1,57,585, while the number of accumulated cases has increased to 1,11,73,918.
The number of active cases, on the rise since mid-February, crossed 1.75 lakh on Thursday.
The spike in Punjab, which had registered 778 cases on Wednesday, came on a day when both Maharashtra and Kerala reported a slight drop in cases. Maharashtra added 8,998 new infections on Thursday compared to 9,855 the day before, while Kerala reported 2,616 cases.
Delhi recorded 261 new cases, the highest since January 22.

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