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Big jump in vaccination campaign, almost 11 lakh of doses administered on Thursday | India News


NEW DELHI: Vaccines have risen significantly in the past two days after the government allowed all private hospitals with the necessary facilities to join the national campaign.
India administered nearly 11 lakh doses of Covid-19 vaccines on Thursday, while about 10 lakhs of vaccines were administered on Wednesday.
The numbers are a big jump from the recent average of around five lakhs of doses per day. More than 50% of all vaccinations on Wednesday and Thursday were given to people 60 years and older and people between 45 and 59 years with comorbidities.
On Thursday, more than 10.9 lakh people received vaccinations across the country as of 7pm. Of this, about 4.9 lakh were people aged 60 and over, while 75,147 were people aged 45-59 with comorbidities.
Overall, 1.7 crore doses of vaccine were administered through Thursday night, which included 68.4 lakhs of health care and 60.2 lakhs of frontline workers receiving their first doses. More than 30.8 lakhs of health care workers and 54,177 front-line workers have also taken their second dose. In addition, 14.9 lakh for the elderly and 2.2 lakh for people with specific comorbidities have also received the first dose.
The increasing number of vaccinations is also crucial because many states, including Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Karnataka, continue to report high numbers of new coronavirus cases daily.
While 17,407 new cases were recorded on Wednesday, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka together accounted for 85.5% of new infections. Maharashtra posted the highest daily count at 9,855.

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