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Vij-Khattar dispute over PGD escalates | India News


CHANDIGARH / GURGAON: The controversy over the extension of the mandate of Haryana Police Director General (DGP) Manoj Yadava has deepened even further, and the state Interior Minister Anil Vij wrote to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Tuesday to the appointment of a new DGP without delay. The letter was sent on the same day that the Interior Ministry issued a memorandum regarding the extension of Yadava’s term as Haryana DGP for the next year.
In his letter to Khattar on Tuesday, Vij said that Yadava should receive an extension only until the time the next arrangement is finalized because he is an “incompetent officer”.
Vij wrote that the law and order situation in the state cannot be kept under control while Yadava is the head of the police force because he has no control over the officers in his department. “Also, the way he has handled the farmers’ protest, it is not in the state’s interest to continue with him as DGP,” Vij said.
Speaking to TOI, Vij said: “I have fulfilled my duties as head of the department and have conveyed what I believe to be correct. Now it’s up to the CM to believe his minister or not. ”
He said that while the Center has granted Yadava a one-year extension, the measure is projected as if he had been appointed DGP until his retirement. It is the state government that can grant an extension as DGP, not the Center, added the interior minister.
For the past week, there has been a war of words between Vij and the CMO on the subject. It is alleged that the lack of coordination between the two has bothered Vij.

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