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Trust Buys 7,285-Square-Foot Land Near Ram Temple Complex | India News


AYODHYA: As part of its ambitious plan to expand the proposed Ram Temple facility in Ayodhya from 70 acres to 107 acres, Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has purchased an additional 7,285 square foot lot adjacent to the proposed complex.
The land is adjacent to the 70-acre area awarded by the Supreme Court in its September 2019 verdict for the construction of the Ram temple. The land belongs to a local resident, Deep Narain, who was paid Rs 1 crore by the Trust. “The rate was approximately Rs 1,373 per square foot,” says a Trust member.
At its 70-acre facility, the Trust had 30,49,200 square feet of land in its possession and has now added an additional 7,285 square feet. To complete his mission of having 107 acres of land, he needs an additional 14,30,195 square feet and is already in discussions with the landowners adjacent to the complex.
“We have bought that land because we need more space for our Ram Mandir project,” Anil Mishra, one of the trustees, told TOI. Deep Narain signed a deed of registration for his 7,285-square-foot land in favor of Champat Rai, the secretary of the Ram Mandir Trust on February 20.
Dr. Anil Mishra and Ayodhya’s Apna Dal MLA, Indra Pratap Tiwari, were the two witnesses on the occasion, said SB Singh, the Faizabad undersecretary, in whose office the deed was signed.
“I was fortunate to be part of the first purchase deed signed by Ram Mandir Trust,” said Indra Pratap Tiwari.
With this purchase, the process to acquire more land adjacent to the Ram Janambhoomi facility was accelerated. The Foundation is in discussions with owners of temples, houses and open land adjacent to the facilities.
The main temple will be built on a 5-acre site and the rest of approximately 100 acres will be used to develop different facilities such as museums, library, yagyashala, picture gallery depicting different episodes of Lord Rama’s life, etc., added Mishra .

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