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The education system must lift the language barrier, let talent flourish: Prime Minister Narendra Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored on Wednesday the need for the education system to overcome language barriers so that talent of rural areas has the opportunity to prosper and said that the new National Education Policy (NEP) will be implemented in a mission mode towards this purpose.
In a webinar on the effective implementation of the provisions of the Union Budget for the education sector, the Prime Minister said that academics and experts from all idiom It should make available the best content in the country and the world in Indian languages. He said there is a need to produce content in Indian languages ​​for every area of ​​expertise, be it medical, engineering, technology or management.
Stating that there is no shortage of talent in the country, Modi said that those who live in the villages and the poor, who know no other language than their local language, have no shortage of talent. “We must not let the talent of our peoples, our poor die because of language (difficulties),” he said.
“With this thought, the doors of various sectors such as space, atomic energy, DRDO, agriculture, are opening for our talented young people,” he said.
Modi said the second biggest focus after health in this year’s budget is education, skills, research and innovation.
Modi noted that to build a self-sufficient India, the confidence of young people is equally important. “For a self-sufficient India, the youth of the country need self-confidence and it will only come when the youth have full confidence in their knowledge and skills. A new national educational policy has been created with this thought. Now, we have to work fast to implement it from initial stage to PhD as soon as possible, ”he said.
As a result of these efforts, he said, India has ranked among the top three countries in terms of scientific publications, number of PhDs and startup ecosystem. He said that India has joined the top 50 in the Global Innovation Index and is continuously improving.
The prime minister said the focus is on issues ranging from Atal Tinkering Labs in schools to Atal incubation centers in higher institutions. A new tradition of hackathons for startups has been created in the country, which is becoming a great force for both the youth and the industry.
Modi reported that, for the first time, “a Research Foundation is being built for which a provision of Rs 50 billion has been made. The budget shows a 100% contribution to biotechnology-related research ”. To double farmers’ incomes, those engaged in biotechnology research are expected to work for the betterment of the agricultural sector, he said.

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