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Chinese hackers attacked 40 substations: T’gana | India News


HYDERABAD: In one day, Union Energy Minister RK Singh denied reports of Chinese cyberattacks that led to a major power outage in Mumbai last year, Telangana’s top electricity officials said on Tuesday that they had received alerts about Chinese malware entering 40 substations in the state from Central Electricity. Authority (CEA).
Late on Monday night, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team operating under CEA reported that the command and control servers of the China-based group of threat actors were trying to communicate with systems that belong to Telangana SLDC (State Load Dispatch Center) and asked the Telangana electricity companies to take all protection and security measures. SLDC monitors the status of the power supply in the state. The malware had entered 40 substations, but government agencies successfully thwarted the hackers’ efforts.

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