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23 inmates of the T’gana nursing home make a miraculous recovery | India News


HYDERABAD: For 24 inmates of a nursing home in Kondapur, a suburb of Hyderabad, it was a matter of life and death in August 2020. The coronavirus pandemic was at its peak and positive cases were spiraling up. And all 24 inmates, in the 65-104 age group, were positive for Covid-19.
As Telangana turned one year into the pandemic (the first case was detected on March 2, 2020) on Tuesday, 23 of those inmates breathe easy and have returned to normal life. “With the exception of 104-year-old Paruchuru Ramaswamy, who passed away on February 6, everyone else is fit and able to move on with their lives,” said Dr. K Rajini, who cares for the elderly at the CR Foundation. Home.
At the nursing home, the most moving story was that of Ramaswamy and his 67-year-old daughter Jamuna. After Ramaswamy joined the nursing home, Jamuna also followed him so that she could be with him. Ramaswamy was one of those who got infected first and then Jamuna also tested positive. Both, however, recovered. Unfortunately, Ramaswamy succumbed to a mild illness on February 6. “My father was very strong. He interacted with his granddaughter a few days before he died. He remained optimistic until he breathed his last, ”he said.
The state saw 11,686 people in the 61+ age group testing positive in the past year, but the story of the 23 seniors who successfully battled the virus and came back to life is nothing short of a miracle. “Life is a great leveler. My fight with Covid is the source of many encouraging stories, ”said a 94-year-old man who beat the virus.

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