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J&K Congress protests Azad for weakening the party for “personal gains” | India News


JAMMU: Congressional activists set fire to an effigy of party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad here Tuesday and accused him of conspiring against the party at the behest of the BJP to undermine it for “personal gain.”
The congressional activists, mostly young, demanded his expulsion from the party.
The first protest of its kind against the former prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir came days after a demonstration led by some “G-23” leaders apparently to congratulate Azad on his withdrawal from the Rajya Sabha. It was seen as a show of force to convey a message to the party leadership.
The group of 23 leaders wrote to Acting President Sonia Gandhi in August last year urging her to ensure “full-time” and “visible” leadership. Since then it has come to be known as ‘G-23’.
Led by the senior leader and member of the District Development Council (DDC) and former general secretary of the J&K Congress, Mohammad Shahnawaz Choudhary, the Congressional activists appeared outside the Press Club here in the afternoon and set fire to the effigy of Azad amid slogans against him and in support of party president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi.
“Congress has always put him (Azad) at the top and when the party needed his experience at the time of crisis, he came to Jammu and Kashmir and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who deprived us of statehood. It is clear that he is working at the behest of the BJP to weaken the party for his personal gain, ”Choudhary, former president of the J&K Pradesh Youth Congress, told reporters.
Choudhary, who won Poonch’s Surankot-A constituency DDC election as an independent, accused Azad of conspiracy against the leadership of Congress and demanded his expulsion from the party.
Amid slogans in support of Rahul Gandhi and stern actions by the party against Azad, Choudhary said they have come to the roads to unleash their anger.
“It is Congress that prepared him (Azad) over the decades, sends him to Rajya Sabha repeatedly and appointed him Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir.
“When Congress is in crisis and should have used his experience to strengthen the party, he comes to J&K with a select group of G-23 leaders and praises Prime Minister Modi for weakening the party for his personal interests,” he said. leader of Congress.
On Sunday, Azad at a function here praised Modi, saying he speaks frankly about his past as a tea seller and does not try to hide his background from the world.
“I admire various things from various leaders … I am from a town and I am proud of it. A great leader, our prime minister, says he is from a village, he used to sell tea. We may have political differences, but at least he does not hide his reality, “he had said.
Continuing his tirade against Azad, Choudhary said he stayed away from the DDC election campaign and invited a select group of G-23 leaders to a function hosted by the Global Gandhi Family that he himself leads.
“The congressional activist is not stupid. He enjoyed when Congress was in power and when the time came to pay the party back, he was plotting against it, ”he said.
Choudhary said that Sonia and Rahul are the “true leaders” of all party activists and are plotting against them.
“We are party foot soldiers and anyone who conspires against the party leadership will have to face our anger,” he said.
“Congress gave (Azad) everything, by appointing him union minister several times, prime minister of J&K, leader of the opposition, but when he left power, instead of strengthening the party during the current state, it weakens it,” he said. Chaudhary.
“We urge the high command of Congress to expel Azad from the party for his anti-party activities,” he said.

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