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Adhir and Anand discuss the Bengal union, Congress says not to weaken the anti-BJP fight | India News


NEW DELHI: The showdown in Congress over the objection of the G-23 dissidents group, member of Anand Sharma, to the party aligning with the Muslim group ISF in Bengal, as the breakdown of Nehruvian secularism continued to simmer .
Bengal’s head of Congress Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury kept up his barrage against Sharma and former opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad for playing in the BJP gallery, inviting a firm reply that their criticism is unfortunate.
Even as the back and forth continued, Congress urged dissidents not to weaken the party’s fight against the “communal” BJP.
Chowdhury, according to television reports, said that the G-23 members had “extracted their pound of meat” from Congress and were punishing the party because it did not have much to offer in terms of positions. “They thought of appeasing the party that it might offer something for its bright future,” he said. Chowdhury also said that members of Congress should stop praising Prime Minister Modi, an allusion to Azad praising Modi for being true to his roots.
As the Chowdhury attack suggested that the G-23 members were doing the BJP’s orders, Sharma told ANI: “What I said is an expression of my concerns. Not only am I firmly committed to the ideology of Congress, but I am also one of the historians and ideologues of Congress. There is no politics in this. It is a regrettable statement. I believe in civilized political discourse. I’ve noticed what Adhir said, but I can’t get personal. ”
AICC spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said: “It is propaganda from the BJP … that despite its Goonda political style, it has the gall to call in other communal groups. Each of us and the members of our group must unite in this fight to combat the BJP. They shouldn’t do anything to weaken this fight. ”

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